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4th Shogi Cup Sofia

August 31 @ 9:30 am September 1 @ 5:00 pm EEST

The Bulgarian Shogi Association, Shogi Sofia, Shogi Ruse

and the sponsor Archetaip Ltd.

are proud to present the:

4th edition of the Shogi Cup Sofia

(international Shogi tournament)

House of Culture “Iskar”

bul. "Krastyu Pastuhov" 23, 1592
Sofia, Bulgaria
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Mode: 7 rounds, 40 min + 30 sec byoyomi per game and player


31st of August 2024 9:00 – 9:30 registration

31st of August 2024 10:00 – 19:00 first four rounds

1st of September 2024 9:00 – 15:00 last three rounds

1st of September 2024 16:30 Prize giving ceremony

Referee: Uwe Frischmuth with the support of others – still to be announced

Entry Fee:
20 EUR : non-registered players, on site from 9:00 till 9:30 on the first day of the event
15 EUR : registered players
10 EUR : group of at least 4 people from the same city/country. IN THIS CASE THE FOUR PEOPLE WILL PAY a total of 40 EUR, IF THEY REGISTER TOGETHER. Please send an email to Bulgarian Shogi Association with subject “DISCOUNT 4 Shogi Cup Sofia” and don’t forget to register all the players with the form below!

Registered Players

There are 2 signups so far!

Here below the list of the registered players:

First NameLast NameCityCountryGradeELO
Ermanno Bozzali Sofia Bulgaria 1 Dan 1774
Uwe Frischmuth Schwarzenbek Deutschland 3 Kyu 1247

So far, 0 player(s) requested an anonymous registration:

Registration Form

The registration list is for all potential participants for orientation and promotion. Probably there are other Shogi fans who would like to participate in this tournament with you. If you don’t want your registration to be published in advance, please check the Anonymization box. By participating in the ‘4th Shogi Sofia Cup’, the players (or their legal guardians) agree that the names of the participants, their scores, rank, ELO number, age group and other tournament relevant information will be forwarded to the Federation of European Shogi Associations (FESA) for evaluation. This information will be published on the FESA website. We take data protection and the protection of personal rights seriously. However, ‘Bulgarian Shogi Association’ as organizer has a legitimate interest in reporting on its events and promoting the cause – the dissemination of knowledge about Shogi. We would like to do our public relations work with a justifiable administrative effort. Therefore, we would like to secure the rights necessary for this with these data protection regulations. We will handle them responsibly. Participants and visitors irrevocably waive the possible right to their own image (photographs, videos, sound recordings) and agree to the publication of all competition-related images in unrestricted resolution. This consent is given for publications: on the websites of Bulgarian Shogi Association, on the websites of all Shogi-themed websites in the European area, on the YouTube channel of Bulgarian Shogi Association, on the website of the responsible persons of the venue, by cooperation partners in the accredited daily newspapers.The consent is given for the competition coverage, both current and after years in chronicles and the like. Consent is expressly not granted for publication by private individuals not accredited by the organizer, for example on Facebook. However, Bulgarian Shogi Association does not take any responsibility for this, disputes about such publications have to be settled directly with the persons authorized to copy. Apart from these regulations, we are cooperative in case of legitimate interest against publication of pictures. Please contact us! Bulgarian Shogi Association


Last but not least, a few words about our beloved (!) sponsor:

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